UFO Aftermath

UFO Aftermath 1.8

UFO Aftermath is a tactical game where you must repel an alien invasion
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UFO Aftermath is a tactical game where you must repel an alien invasion. You will control armored soldiers that will fight against alien invaders. You will control them by giving them orders about what to do, where to go, when to fire their weapons and when to open doors, aid buddies or launch grenades.

The whole game takes place in 3D environment. You can change the camera position in order to get more details. The soldiers will follow your orders, and will talk back to you. Whenever a soldier spots an enemy, he will inform you about what he can do, telling you if he thinks he can hit it or if he needs to get closer. The game is divided into several missions, and each mission has a goal. You have to fulfill that goal in order to advance to the following mission.

During the game, you can recruit under your command up to seven soldiers. These are wounded soldiers you will find in various scenarios - you can heal them, and then they will fight following your orders. You will be able to choose the soldiers you want in your team, as well as the armor they will wear, and weapons they will use, including stolen alien weapons.

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  • It is a very attractive game, with a nice 3D look and good sound


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